Celebrated on October 17th

National Pasta Day

+ National Pasta Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a Gigli pasta?

Did you know: (“Lilies”) Gigli is a fluted edge piece of pasta that has been rolled into a coneshaped flower. It is also known as campanelle. Gigli is perfect for heavier sauces, like cheese, meat and tomato or it is a perfect addition to a number of casseroles.

Source: Pasta Fits

Challenge #2

Can you draw pasta as art?

Did you know: "I made musical notes on a sheet of pasta and asked people to guess the song. Almost everyone got it right away, so I’ll have to make it harder next time. I love to create pasta that makes people think, and I try to be mindful of world events, making things that challenge the status quo." Click for amazing art from pasta...

Source: Mother Nature Network

Challenge #3

Can you draw pasta in the shape of a sword, bird er star?

Did you know: Legend has it that noodles were first made by 13th century German bakers who fashioned dough into symbolic shapes, such as swords, birds and stars, which were baked and served as bread.In the 13th century, the Pope set quality standards for pasta.

Source: Mobile Cuisine