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National Farm To School Month

+ National Farm To School Month

Challenge #1

Can you draw farmer milking a cow?

Did you know: A typical fully-grown Holstein cow weighs nearly 1,400 pounds and can produce about 60 pounds of milk in a single day. A dairy cow can produce 1,500 gallons or 6,000 quarts of milk in a single year, and did you know that a cow has four stomachs!

Source: Machinefinder Blog

Challenge #2

Can you draw a banana with a face, arms and legs?

Did you know: Bananas are the number one fruit crop in the world. They are the 4th largest overall crop, after wheat, rice, and corn. India grows more bananas than any other country. The Philippines, China, and Ecuador are the next three top producers of bananas. Click for 66 more fun facts...

Source: Fact Retriever

Challenge #3

Can you draw a pig playing with a toy?

Did you know: Like puppies, young pigs enjoy playing with toys and with other piglets. They also like being around people and enjoy a good scratch behind the ears or on the belly. While pigs prefer to spend the majority of their day at rest, they are capable of running roughly 11 miles per hour. Pigs also communicate with each other using more than 20 different noises.

Source: Pets On Mom