Celebrated on January 29th

National Puzzle Day

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+ National Puzzle Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a puzzle piece being made from wood?

Did you know: The term “Jigsaw” comes from puzzles being cut from wood by a Jigsaw tool

Source: Games2Puzzles

Challenge #2

Can you draw a map-of-the-world puzzle?

Did you know: The first Jigsaw Puzzle was created in 1767 by cartographer James Spilsbury who cut up a wood map with each country being its own piece to help teach geography.

Source: Games 2 Puzzles

Challenge #3

Can you draw a puzzle without a picture on it?

Did you know: Jigsaw puzzles can be more difficult for a lot of reasons. When the first puzzles were invented, there was no picture to work from — so often people were guessing at where shapes would go just from the title on the box. Do you think you could put a puzzle together if the title just said "building" or "tree"? 

Source: CBC Kids