Celebrated on February 6th

National Frozen Yogurt Day

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+ National Frozen Yogurt Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw what a friendly BACTERIA could look like?

Did you know: Frozen yogurt is alive and it contains bacteria. Don’t worry… it’s supposed to be alive and contain bacteria. The bacteria that exist within frozen yogurt are helpful and considered “good bacteria.” These bacteria are not harmful in any way and they cannot cause you to get sick. In fact, the bacteria in frozen yogurt do just the opposite. It has been shown that frozen yogurt bacteria help keep people’s digestive systems healthy and regular and also help boost the body’s immune system so it can fight off infections. The “active cultures” that exist in frozen yogurt are good for you. So, eating a cup of frozen yogurt each day can be a great “medicine” that will help keep you healthy!

Source: Forte Supply

Challenge #2

Can you draw a sheep, goat or camel?

Did you know: Like regular yogurt, cow’s milk isn’t the only milk that is used to make frozen yogurt. The milk of sheep, goats, and water buffalo are sometimes used in the froyo process in the U.S., while camel and yak varieties are available in the Middle East and Western China, respectively.

Source: Mental Floss