Celebrated on January 16th

Appreciate A Dragon Day

+ Appreciate A Dragon  Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a dragon near a treasure chest?

Did you know: The word “dragon” comes from the Greek word “draconta,” which means “to watch.” The Greeks saw dragons as beasts that guarded valuable items. In fact, many cultures depict dragons as hoarding treasure.

Source: Surprise Ride

Challenge #2

Can you draw a dragon breathing fire or blowing ice?

Did you know: Some dragons are said to blow fire, other dragons fly, some blow ice

Source: Kids Play and Create

Challenge #3

Can you draw a dragon flying over an orange tree?

Did you know: One of the most famous medieval British legends revolves around a knight named St. George. He is celebrated for slaying a dragon that kidnapped a king's daughter as part of a mission to kill all the beautiful women in the land. With the help of an enchanted orange tree, St. George was able to slay the dragon and rescue the fair maiden.

Source: The FW