Cinco De Mayo

+ Cinco De Mayo

Challenge #1

Can you draw people dancing, singing and having fun?

Did you know: Cinco de Mayo is really more of a Mexican-American holiday than a Mexican one. The first celebrations of Cinco de Mayo took place in California in 1863 as a way to honor the brave Mexicans who fought so valiantly against the French in the battle that day. Keeping in mind that the United States was engaged in the Civil War at the time of the Battle of Puebla, we can see that a Mexican defeat of the French helped to keep them from becoming involved and supporting the Confederate Army. In Los Angeles Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with a huge street fair as well as smaller celebrations in different neighborhoods.

Source: Trip Savvy

Challenge #2

Can you draw an avocado?

Did you know: Around 70 million pounds of avocados are eaten on Cinco de Mayo in the US

Source: Ducksters

Challenge #3

Can you draw something using Mexico's colors of Red, white and green?

Did you know: Typical Cinco de Mayo colors are those of the Mexican flag: red, white, and green. Red represents religion and the blood of national heroes. White symbolizes unity and purity. Finally green stands for hope and independence. The Mexican coat of arms, found at the center of the country’s flag, depicts a golden eagle devouring a snake from ancient Aztec mythology. In honor of Cinco de Mayo’s iconic colors, be sure to eat chiles en nogada, a dish consisting of green chiles, white sauce, and red pomegranate seeds that perfectly represent the Mexican flag!

Source: The Daily Meal