Celebrated on November 5th

Election Day

+ Election Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw putting a letter into a mailbox?

Did you know: Get, a paper, pen, envelope and a first class stamp. There are many reasons kids would like to write to the president. They might be concerned about the environment or youth crime. Your letter will be read by a White House secretary who may refer it to the president. No matter who reads it, however, you will receive a reply. Your letter can be neatly handwritten or typed. It should be short and to the point, with your concern clearly stated. The address for the president is: The President of the United States White House Office 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

Source: Family Education

Challenge #2

Can you draw a button that says VOTE FOR ME?

Did you know: It's important that each person vote and get their voice to be heard. Even though it may seem to not make a difference as your vote is one in millions, it's important that each citizen cast their vote. This is important for democracy and for our country that people get to have their say and place their votes.

Source: hucksters.com

Challenge #3

Can you draw a voting booth?

Did you know: Every state in the country allows parents to bring their minor children under the age of 18 with them into the voting booth. Every. Single. State. That means your teen, your middle schooler, your toddler or your infant can be by your side while you cast your vote. So if a poll worker turns you and your child away, remind them of their state's laws not only dictating voting booth rules, but also voter suppression.

Source: Romper