Celebrated on March 22nd

International Seal Day

+ International Seal Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a seal sleeping underwater?

Did you know: Seals have a layer of fat under skin called blubber, which keeps them warm in cold water. Their slick fur coat is streamlined for gliding through water.Seals mainly live in the water, they only come ashore to mate, give birth, moult or escape from predators such as orca whales and sharks. Because they can spend months at sea, seals can sleep underwater.

Source: Science kids

Challenge #2

Can you draw a seal doing something funny?

Did you know: The clowns of the marine mammal world, seals are a comical bunch of incredibly interesting creatures. For some, like yours truly, they may seem like a ‘spirit animal’. They spend most of their days lazing about, sunbathing in some of our planet’s most incredible places – like Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands and Peru’s Ballestas Islands – they are majority blubber (which helps against the cold, you know) and feed off sumptuous seafood.

Source: Chimu Blog

Challenge #3

Can you draw seal with long whiskers?

Did you know: The diet of seals is varied depending on the species, but most eat primarily fish and squid. Seals find prey by detecting prey vibrations using their whiskers (vibrissae).

Source: ThoughtCo