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Manatee Awareness Month

+ Manatee Awareness Month

Challenge #1

Can you draw a manatee sleeping underwater?

Did you know: Manatees are large, plant-eating marine mammals that live in shallow and marshy coastal areas and rivers of the Mesoamerican Reef System. Although they are generally solitary animals, manatees are very curious and are known to approach small and large boats. They will often sleep underwater for half a day, coming to the surface for air for 20-minute intervals, and grazing for food in shallow waters. Manatees have a long reproductive cycle, generally breeding just once every two years, giving birth to a single calf. Manatees help ensure vegetative balance in ecosystems, and their health serves as an indicator to overall marine and ecological well-being.

Source: World Wildlife Fund

Challenge #2

Can you draw a manatee next to a car?

Did you know: On average manatees weigh between 800-1,300 pounds. there have been manatees that weighed up to 3,000 pounds!

Source: Kids Play and Create

Challenge #3

Can you draw a manatee in a dentist chair?

Did you know: Humans have one round of baby teeth and then if we lose or hurt an adult tooth, a trip to the dentist is in order. Manatees, like their elephant relatives, continuously replace their teeth throughout their lives with the older teeth at the front falling out and new teeth growing in at the back of their mouth. 

Source: smithsonian.com