Celebrated on November 1st

National Author's Day

+ National Author's Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a beautiful bird?

Did you know: J. J. Audubon’s The Birds of America, published in 1840, is the most valuable book in the world. It sold for $8,802,500 in March 2000—the highest price ever paid for a book.

Source: Fact Monster

Challenge #2

Can you draw a pile of books that you will read?

Did you know: It’s a well known fact that avid readers build stronger vocabularies. Readers also benefit from enhanced communication and writing skills, as well as benefiting from natural and impressive conversation starters. In professional networking settings, books, especially those with intercultural elements, provide excellent conversation pathways. A passion for reading books shows intellect and dynamism.

Source: Huffington Post

Challenge #3

Can you draw Captain Underpants?

Did you know: Dav Pilkey, the author, came up with the idea for Captain Underpants when he was just in second grade. The main characters, Harold and George, are named after two characters from other well-known children's books. Harold's name came from Harold and the Purple Crayon and George's name came from Curious George.

Source: Scholastic