Celebrated on January 18th

National Bald Eagle Appreciation Day

+ National Bald Eagle Appreciation  Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw an eagle giggling?

Did you know: It's a scene you’ve probably seen countless times in movies and on TV: An eagle flies overhead and emits a rough, piercing scream. It's a classic symbol of wilderness and adventure. The only problem? Bald eagles don't make that sound. Instead, they emit a sort of high-pitched giggle or a weak scream. These noises are so unimpressive that Hollywood sound editors often dub over bald eagle calls with far more impressive sounds: the piercing, earthy screams of a smaller bird, the red-tailed hawk.

Source: Mental Floss

Challenge #2

Can you draw a close up of a Bald Eagle's eyes?

Did you know: When it comes to sight, eagles have two centers of focus. This gives them the ability to see forward and to the side simultaneously.

Source: Birds and Blooms

Challenge #3

Can you draw a nest of eaglets?

Did you know: Babies, called eaglets, are born light gray then turn brown. When they are four to five years old, they develop their normal white heads and tails. In the wild, they can live to be 35 years old or more.

Source: Nat Geo Kids