Celebrated on May 6th

National Beverage Day

+ National Beverage Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw some of the vegetables to make this delicious tropical smoothie?

Did you know: That vegetable smoothies are the healthiest drinks for kids (and adults too!) Here is a great one to try: Recipe: Tropical Green Smoothie Take a quick trip to the islands with this Tropical Green Smoothie Author of this recipe: Lisa Suriano For more great veggie recipes visit Healthy Educator Lisa Suriano's website at www.veggiecation.com (copy and paste address into your browser)

Source: Health First

Challenge #2

Can you draw your favorite beverage?

Did you know: The most popular types of soft drinks are flavored water, carbonated water, sweet iced tea, fruit drinks, carbonated soft drinks, diet soft drinks, fruit punch, seltzers and cordials. Soft drinks can be called by many names. The most popular ones are soda, pop, coke, soda pop, fizzy drink and carbonated beverage. Over 34 billion gallons of soft drinks are sold in over 200 countries each year.

Source: History of Soft Drinks

Challenge #3

Can you draw a vase filled with flowers?

Did you know: Filling a vase of cut flowers with one part 7-Up to two parts water makes the flowers last longer and look healthier. The high sugar content in 7-Up nourishes the plants. The average person consumes about 129 gallons of fluid per year. This includes water, milk, colas, beer, wine, etc.

Source: Belly Bites