Celebrated on May 17th

National Bike To Work Day

+ National Bike To Work Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw what the first bicycle may have looked like?

Did you know: First commercially sold bicycle “Boneshaker” weighed 80 kg when it appeared for sale in 1868 in Paris. More than 100 years later after first bicycle was brought into China, this country now has over half a billion of them.

Source: Bicycle History

Challenge #2

Can you draw a bicycle built for your family?

Did you know: The longest tandem bike ever built had 35 seats and was about 67 feet long! The first constructed bike was almost entirely made of wood and several thousand copies were built and used. As you can imagine its popularity dramatically faded when the number of accidents soared and it was prohibited by the police!

Source: Action Aid

Challenge #3

Can you draw yourself cycling to school?

Did you know: On a bicycle you can travel 3 times faster than you can walk, for the same amount of energy. The fastest speed ever recorded on a bicycle is held by Fred Rompelberg, he reached 167 miles per hour! Twice as many children cycle to school now than they did five years ago. Do you cycle to school?

Source: Squizzes