Celebrated on November 4th

National Candy Day

+ National Candy Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a stick with Fairy Floss on it?

Did you know: Fairy Floss was the original name of the cotton candy. It was invented by William Morrison. Americans over 18 years of age consume 65 percent of the candy which is produced each year.

Source: Candy History

Challenge #2

Can you draw a white chocolate and brown chocolate bar (then ask people which is bar is made from REAL chocolate)?

Did you know: Some people think white chocolate is just another form of chocolate, but the truth is that white chocolate isn't really chocolate at all. While milk chocolate and dark chocolate are derived from cocoa powder, white chocolate is made from cocoa butter. This lack of chocolate solids means that white chocolate doesn't qualify as real chocolate (although it is still pretty tasty). 

Source: Mashed

Challenge #3

Can you draw Cracker Jack toy?

Did you know: In 1896 the name Cracker Jack was officially registered (before then the snack had been called candied popcorn and peanuts) and the familiarly sticky and sweet candy we know today was born. Back in the day, the term “cracker jack” could refer to anything of high quality, so it’s no wonder the name stuck! The coining of the name, however, was just the first of many big steps for this candy favorite.

Source: Candy Favorites