Celebrated on June 9th

National Children's Day

+ National Children's Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a baby laughing?

Did you know: Babies and kids can laugh up to 300 times a day. Adults typically laugh at most, about 20 times a day. Time to get more in touch with that inner child, and really enjoy life like the little ones. A child’s brain has its most dramatic growth period from birth until the age of 5. Kids learn from observation and instruction which sharpens their cognitive abilities. A kid’s brain really is like a sponge, soaking up as much info as possible.

Source: Factinate

Challenge #2

Can you draw a lantern or a flashlight?

Did you know: Researchers note that a baby’s brain is like a lantern: it is vaguely aware of everything. An adult’s brain, on the other hand, is more like a flashlight, consciously focused on specific things but ignoring background. Scientists suggest that creative people have retained some ability to think like an infant.

Source: FactRetriever

Challenge #3

Can you draw a musical instrument?

Did you know: Music boosts learning. Singing, listening to, and playing music improves spatial orientation and mathematical thinking. Plus, rhyming builds language skills. The brain makes the most connections among its cells before your child turns 10. This is also the time when he learns language best. When you use rich language with your young child, you are improving his future vocabulary.

Source: Scholastic