Celebrated on January 30th

National Croissant Day

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+ National Croissant Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw yourself making a flaky croissant?

Did you know: The recipe and technique varies, but traditionally croissants are made using layers and layers of dough and butter or margarine. A thin layer of dough is covered in a layer of butter or margarine, and then folded. This process continues, sometimes until there are more than fifty layers of dough and butter or margarine. The more layers, the flakier the croissant!

Source: Dunkin'

Challenge #2

Can you draw a crescent of the moon?

Did you know: The name “croissant” actually means “crescent” – the magical pastry that fluffs up while baking.

Source: Fine Dining Lovers

Challenge #3

Can you draw a croissant with something you love as a filling?

Did you know: If you purchase croissants in United States, there are various types of toppings and fillings to choose. You can pick the one filled with spinach, cheese or ham.

Source: Fact File