Celebrated on April 5th

National Dandelion Day

+ National Dandelion Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a dandelion that is taller than you?

Did you know: From blossom to root, 100 percent of this weed, which is also an herb, is edible for most people. A single dandelion head consists of up to 300 ray flowers that look like tiny petals at first glance. Dandelion flowers reach heights of 6 to 24 inches, and roots go as deep as 10 to 15 feet.

Source: Birds and Blooms

Challenge #2

Can you draw flying dandelion seeds?

Did you know: The manner in which dandelions spread is also quite interesting. Wind is the driving factor when it comes to spread of this species, as it transports seeds from one place to another. At times, wind can carry these seeds over a distance of five miles with immense ease. The dandelions found in North America today were brought to this region by the European settlers who cultivated them for their medicinal and culinary uses which existed in plenty.

Source: Gardenerdy

Challenge #3

Can you draw a field of dandelions?

Did you know: Dandelions are smart. Their response to frequent mowing is to grow flowers on shorter stalks. As anyone who tries to keep a lawn free of weeds knows, the dandelion’s long tap root must be removed completely or the plant will come right back.  Dandelions are sensitive to light. The flowers close at night and remain closed on a very cloudy day.

Source: Gardening Guides