Celebrated on February 23rd

National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

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+ National Dog Biscuit Appreciation  Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a cake for a dog?

Did you know: In 1860 an Ohio salesman named James Pratt ventured to England to extend sales of lightning rods. While in London he noticed British sailors throwing “hard tack” to stray dogs along the docks. Hard tack is a biscuit made of flour, water, and salt. It was a staple food for long sea voyages and military campaigns. As if struck by lightning himself, Spratt sought the help of a baking firm and his “dog cake” became the first dog biscuit.

Source: Pet MD

Challenge #2

Can you draw a doggie treat in the shape of a pretzel?

Did you know: Treats and snacks should only make up 10% of a dog’s daily calories. To get an idea of how many treats that is, ask your vet. They can make a recommendation based on the treats your dog likes, his weight, and how active he is.

Source: Web MD