Celebrated on January 3rd

National Drinking Straw Day

+ National Drinking Straw Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw the planet earth with straws wrapped around it?

Did you know: In the U.S., 500 million straws a day, are used ! That is enough straw waste to wrap the circumference of the earth 2.5 times or to fill Yankee Stadium over 9 times in a year!

Source: Ketchupp

Challenge #2

Can you draw a straw that no one else has?

Did you know: Modern drinking straws were invented by Marvin Chester Stone from Ohio in the United States, who is said to have created a glued paper tube in the 1880s after drinking a beverage unpleasantly tainted with rye residue, and eventually patented his idea in 1888 after refining it.

Source: Ten Random Facts

Challenge #3

Can you draw what 35,000 straws would look like from a distance?

Did you know: 35,000. That's the number of plastic straws the average American uses in a lifetime.

Source: Tree Hugger