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National Entrepreneurship Month

+ National Entrepreneurship Month

Challenge #1

Can you draw something you may want to fix?

Did you know: Teach children to become aware of potential opportunities. Many people these days are not looking at the opportunities that are right in front of them. Instead, they focus on the negatives and the problems. Help your child to develop a mindset that looks for solutions instead of getting stopped cold by problems. Teach them that a problem is just an opportunity for them to come up with an exciting and useful solution. For example, if the child observes that a playground is a mess, they could think about how to raise money and recruit help to get the playground fixed up. Begin by demonstrating this thinking yourself by voicing opportunistic ideas aloud to them.

Source: DailyWorth

Challenge #2

Can you draw a business that you may want to start?

Did you know: He may only be 10, but Corey Nieves is already the CEO and head of distribution for Mr. Cory’s Cookies, which offers an assortment of all-natural, mostly organic treats. The Englewood, New Jersey native sells up to a thousand cookies each weekend, at about $1 apiece.

Source: CBS News

Challenge #3

Can you draw two of your favorite things?

Did you know: It just may be something that you may start a business around. If your child doesn’t already have a specific business idea in mind, have them make a list of their favorite things to do. If they love animals, they could start a pet-walking or pet-sitting business. Maybe they want to make candles and sell them on Etsy. They could hold an acting workshop for younger kids in the neighborhood, teach music lessons or even design a mobile app.

Source: Entrepreneur