Celebrated on January 26th

National Green Juice Day

+ National Green Juice  Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw all the vegetables you like to eat?

Did you know: Juicing is also a wonderfully useful way to disguise veggies. You can juice infamously-hated foods like brussels sprouts with tastier fruits and veggies and marvel as your kid eagerly downs the glass.

Source: Just Juice

Challenge #2

Can you draw a super hero name Juice-A-Nator?

Did you know: Juicing is an awesome way to spend fun, interactive, stress-free quality time with your children. From exploring various produce aisles to prepping and juicing the actual fruits and veggies, juicing is a great way to laugh and play with your kids!

Source: Just Juice

Challenge #3

Can you draw yourself drinking a big glass of green juice?

Did you know: Juicing allows kids a chance to indulge their natural curiosity and get involved in some hands-on learning. You can have your kids do simple preparation like washing the produce and de-stemming strawberries – which they’ll doubly enjoy if you let them use some fun kitchen tools. It gives them something new and fun to do and helps them learn in the process!

Source: Just Juice