Celebrated on April 10th

National Hug Your Dog Day Day

+ National Hug Your Dog Day Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw draw a dog looking at a clock?

Did you know: Dogs have a sense of time. It's been proven that they know the difference between a hour and five. If conditioned to, they can predict future events, such as regular walk times. Your dog is as smart as a two-year old! Ever wonder why children around this age seem to have a special bond with the family dog? It could be because they speak the same language, roughly 250 words and gestures in fact.

Source: The Drake Center

Challenge #2

Can you draw a closeup of a dog's face?

Did you know: A dog’s sense of smell is legendary, but did you know that his nose has as many as 300 million receptors? In comparison, a human nose has about 5 million. Dogs are not colorblind. Dogs can make out yellow and blue, and combinations. This renders a lot of the world grayish-brown. That lush green lawn? It probably looks like a field of dead hay. That royal red velvet cushion? Still comfy, but it probably comes across as a dark brown blob to the dog.. All puppies are born deaf.

Source: AKC

Challenge #3

Can you draw a dog counting or doing math?

Did you know: Dogs can be taught to count and solve simple math problems. Dogs can learn more than 1000 words.

Source: Care.com