Celebrated in January

National Hunt For Happiness Week

+ National Hunt For Happiness  Week

Challenge #1

Can you draw yourself with a big smile?

Did you know: Happiness can help boost our immune systems. Research published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine found people who have more positive emotions are less likely to develop the common cold. Just one of about a million reasons to put a smile on your face today.

Source: Bustle

Challenge #2

Can you draw something that makes you happy?

Did you know: Happy people embrace failure. Failing is a way to figure out what works, and then making changes that lead to happiness and success.

Source: Fact Retriever

Challenge #3

Can you draw an imaginary friend?

Did you know: It is clear that children who have quality friendships are happier than those who don’t. What is surprising is the extent to which even kids' imaginary friends contribute to their measures of happiness.

Source: Psychology Today