Celebrated on March 6th

National Oreo Cookie Day

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+ National Oreo Cookie Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw the name Oreo with and include a drawing of the Oreo cookie in the name?

Did you know: Oreo has gone through a few name changes over the years, initially going by “Oreo Biscuits,” then “Oreo Sandwich,” “Oreo Crème Sandwich,” and “Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie” in the 1970s. Oddly, the core name remains a total mystery. The origin of the word “Oreo” might be from the French word for gold (or) because the packaging in the beginning was gold, but no one knows for sure.

Source: Mental Floss

Challenge #2

Can you draw an Oreo cookie with your own flavor and look?

Did you know: The first new Oreo flavor to be added to the cookie's line-up was lemon cream. They've since released dozens of variations. Mike Mozart/Flickr It might surprise you to know there was a time when you couldn't get an Oreo in pretty much every flavor imaginable, but that time was very real. The first flavor they added to the brand was a lemon-filled Oreo, but it was soon discontinued, according to Biscuit People. It wasn't until the 2000s when the company began releasing numerous limited edition and holiday-themed flavors every year.  

Source: The Insider