Celebrated on October 27th

National Pit Bull Awareness Day

+ National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a very strong dog?

Did you know: Pit bulls are strong, powerful dogs with broad, brick-like heads and muscular bodies. They can have brown, blue, hazel, or green eyes. Their short shiny coats come in a wide range of colors including white, black, blue, silver, tan, brown, red, and mixed variations.

Source: Global Animal

Challenge #2

Can you draw a wrinkly baby pit bull?

Did you know: Pit Bull puppies often have wrinkly foreheads. As the dog grows, the skin stretches out and becomes smooth. For more facts...

Source: Terrible Terrier

Challenge #3

Can you draw a dog wagging it's tail?

Did you know: Just because your dog is wagging his tail, that does NOT mean that he’s happy. Tail-wagging means your dog is excited, and the more excited a pit bull is, the more likely a fight is to break out. So if you’re out on a walk, you should probably steer clear of stranger dogs wagging their tails. 26 more things pit bull owners should know

Source: ASPCA