Celebrated on January 19th

National Popcorn Day

+ National Popcorn  Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw kids popping corn in the sand?

Did you know: Before stoves and microwaves, hot sand was used to provide the right kind of heat to make corn kernels pop.

Source: Fill Your Plate

Challenge #2

Can you draw popcorn in the shape of a snowflake?

Did you know: Most popcorn comes in two basic shapes when it's popped: snowflake and mushroom. Snowflake is used in movie theaters and ballparks because it looks and pops bigger. Mushroom is used for candy confections because it doesn't crumble.

Source: popcorn.org

Challenge #3

Can you draw a huge popcorn ball?

Did you know: The world’s largest popcorn ball was 12 feet in diameter and weighed 5,000 pounds. It required 2,000 pounds of corn, 40,000 pounds of sugar, 280 gallons of corn syrup, and 400 gallons of water.

Source: Fact Retriever