Celebrated on March 19th

National Poultry Day

+ National Poultry Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a chick and it's mother hen?

Did you know: Baby chickens are chicks. Female chickens are pullets until they’re old enough to lay eggs and become hens. Male chickens are called roosters, cocks or cockerels, depending on the country you’re in.  A rooster announces to a flock of chickens that he’s found food with a “took, took, took.” But the hens don’t pay attention if they already know that there is food around.

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Challenge #2

Can you draw a basket of different colored eggs?

Did you know: The color of a hen’s egg is determined by the breed of chicken—and the color of their ears! Generally speaking, chickens with red earlobes will lay brown eggs, and chickens with white earlobes will lay white eggs. The color of the chicken’s feathers have nothing to do with the color of the egg. Surprisingly enough, there are no known nutritional benefit to brown eggs over white eggs (or vice versa), so it seems to be all in the personal preference!

Source: Cherry Crest Farm

Challenge #3

Can you draw two turkey's talking to each other?

Did you know: Individual turkeys have unique voices. This is how turkeys recognize each other.Turkeys are the dogs of the poultry world! Turkeys are intelligent, sensitive, and highly social! That’s right! Tom and his hens will create lasting, affectionate bonds with each other, much like you and Fido.

Source: Purely Poultry