Celebrated on October 26th

National Pumpkin Day

+ National Pumpkin Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a pumpkin on a vine ?

Did you know: Pumpkin grows in the form of vine. It produces numerous branches and can reach up to 30 feet in length. For more fun facts...

Source: SoftSchools

Challenge #2

Can you draw the words Pumpkin and Pepon in an orange color?

Did you know: The word pumpkin originated from the Greek word Pepõn which means large melon. The word gradually morphed by the French, English and then Americans into the word “pumpkin.” 

Source: Just Fun Facts

Challenge #3

Can you draw a clown face on a pumpkin??

Did you know: Transform your pumpkin into a clown. Kids can paint them and help decorate them, too! For 24 more decorating ideas...

Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose