Celebrated on March 23rd

National Puppy Day

+ National Puppy Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw playing hide and seek with a puppy?

Did you know: Puppies love games such as hide and seek! Hide, then call your pup's name so she can try to find you. Dogs can learn more than 1000 words. Big happy "helicopter" tail wagging is one sign of a really nice dog

Source: Care

Challenge #2

Can you draw what a dog may dream about?

Did you know: Have you ever watched your dog twitch or bark in their sleep? Turns out they do dream, just like us. Researchers discovered that dogs experience the same wave patterns we do when we sleep.

Source: Puppy Leaks

Challenge #3

Can you draw a name for your puppy (keep it short)?

Did you know: Puppies only listen to the initial syllable of a word- So if your pup is named ‘Princess Pretty Paws’ then the only part of the name that your little girl will come to recognize is ‘Prin!’ Trainers say that your pup will learn and quickly respond to short sounds, making training easier and long-term control of the dog easier; even three syllable words can be confusing for some dogs.

Source: Animal Facts