Celebrated on January 13th

National Sticker Day

+ National Sticker Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a postage stamp with a very special design or picture?

Did you know: Stickers, as we know them today, started very differently. The first time we came close to modern day stickers was in 1840. That was when postage stamps were invented in the UK. Back then, postage stamps had the picture or decoration on one side, the front, and nothing on the back.  People have been sticking paper to objects long before 1840, but they used gum glue instead. 

Source: Yo Sticker

Challenge #2

Can you draw a sticker on your favorite fruit?

Did you know: The codes indicate how the fruit was grown. 4-digit codes (usually starting with 3 or 4) are given to fruits that are conventionally grown. 5-digit codes starting with a 9 are reserved for organics and the ones beginning with 8’s are GMOs. 

Source: Reshareworthy

Challenge #3

Can you draw something you would like to put a sticker on?

Did you know: At young ages, children’s eyes aren’t yet adept to seeing dull colors. They can, however, see bright and bold hues easily, which might explain why kids are so attracted to stickers. Research shows that the bright and shiny colors and unusual shapes can be stimulating during early development. Young children are also still in that crucial stage of developing their fine motor skills. The process of peeling the sticker from the sheet with no tears, and placing it perfectly on the page with no creases requires careful concentration. However, once successfully placed, kids will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for getting it just right.

Source: School Stickers