Celebrated on February 21st

National Sticky Bun Day

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+ National Sticky Bun Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw a snail with a cinnamon roll sticky bun shell?

Did you know: In Denmark, the cinnamon roll is called Kanelsnegl which means "cinnamon snails" in Danish. In Norway there are various very important cinnamon bun competitions held every year, where readers of the local newspaper nominate and vote for the best cinnamon bun in town. It is prestigious and competitive, and taken very, very serious.

Source: ScandiKitchen

Challenge #2

Can you draw what you would put on your cinnamon roll sticky bun?

Did you know: Ancient Egyptians were the first people to add honey and nuts to their bread. In the UK and Canada, sticky buns are known as “chelsea buns” and contain raisins!

Source: Foodimentary