Celebrated on February 28th

National Tooth Fairy Day

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+ National Tooth Fairy Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw the tooth fairy?

Did you know: Nobody really knows EXACTLY what the tooth fairy looks like. Many Americans believe the tooth fairy looks like Tinkerbell and carries a wand. Internationally, people believe children lose their teeth to mice, rats and other small animals. The baby tooth is a sacrifice to a rat in hopes that the adult teeth will grow in as strong as the rodent's. What do you think the tooth fairy looks like?

Source: The List TV

Challenge #2

Can you draw some other things a tooth fairy can do with all the collected teeth?

Did you know: Besides using your teeth to build castles, some say they also use them to make a magic powder that protects them from big birds who may think they are insects!

Source: Rose Wadenya Books