Celebrated on May 30th

World Otter Day

+ World Otter Day

Challenge #1

Can you draw an otter using a tool?

Did you know: Not all otters use tools, but sea otters use them all the time. They typically use rocks and empty shells to feed on marine snails, crabs, sea urchins and mussels. There are only a handful of non-primate species known to use tools, including dolphins and octopuses.

Source: Discover Wildlife

Challenge #2

Can you draw an otter floating on it's back?

Did you know: Otters are adorable creatures that live both on land and in the water. Their sleek, streamlined bodies are perfect for diving and swimming. Otters also have long, slightly flattened tails that move sideways to propel them through the water while their back feet act like rudders to steer. They like to swim on their back and sides and can see just as well underwater as they can above. Sea otters are good at floating on the water’s surface, as air trapped in their fur makes them more buoyant.

Source: Just Fun Facts

Challenge #3

Can you draw an otter whistling?

Did you know: Otters make a variety of different vocalisations – they include a high-pitched whistle between a mother and her cubs, twittering noises produced during play-fighting, and cat-like noises when fighting. Otters are playful, intelligent and inquisitive animals who are often seen enjoying themselves sliding around on muddy banks or in snow.

Source: One kind Planet