October 13th Celebrate
World Migratory Bird Day

How to Play?!?

Below are drawing challenges that encourage your kids learn as they draw. This offline activity that will require paper and a drawing utensil.

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Celebrate by learning!

Learn about World Migratory Bird Day below!

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Share your art!

By sharing your kid's art you will help inspire more kids to draw!

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The Benefit for kids.

The drawing prompts in the "DRAW" tab above, are designed to inspire kids to draw on paper, rather than on electronic devices. Drawing is fun, and the activity provides the practice needed to build important life skills such as their self-esteem, self-expression, motor skills, problem solving and much more.

We focus the daily challenge on things that are already being celebrated in the world, so the topics are relevant and the learning, meaningful. A parent's role in our program is simply to give the kids the time to do the activity, and to follow the prompts on the "LEARN" tab above to share information about the topic with the child.

Knowledge is power and drawing is fun.

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